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Whether it's a panic room for people or a strongroom - we build metal safety rooms, if necessary also in combination with concrete.

Innovative solutions in safety metal construction

In a personal conversation, we determine your requirements and adapt our solutions according to your wishes. Please get in touch with us. Our strengths lie in the planning and implementation/assembly of security solutions. We integrate the constantly changing requirements and set new standards.

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Tresorraum mit Tresortür
Vault with safe door

Rooms and walls

We offer complete rooms in modular construction and produce metal walls and security closures in the required security class:

  • Vault WG IV - WG XII KB
  • Safe doors WG IV - WG XII KB
  • Partition walls RC2-RC4
  • Archive rooms EI30-EI90

Lagertresorraum im Aufbau
Storage vault under construction

Sicherheitsraum und Abschluss Maueröffnung
Wall opening security room and closure

Lagertresorraum mit Panzertür
Storage vault with armoured door

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