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Reception counter

Bulletproof or burglar-proof – We design and manufacture counters for all your needs.

Discreet yet secure

Along with design and functionality, protection against burglary and bullet resistance are important requirements for reception counters in public and representative buildings.  
Challenges in the construction of counters are the combinations offered. We design and manufacture reception counters in the following areas:

  • Fire protection EI30 - EI90 
  • Bullet resistance FB4-FB7 (NS) 
  • Burglar-proof counters (RC0-RC6)

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Planning and construction

On request, we can take care of the complete planning and construction of your counter project:

  • Needs assessment and consultation 
  • Security concept
  • Detailed planning
  • Coordination with our partner companies (e.g. carpenter, alarm company, access control, electrician, etc.) 
  • Turnkey handover

Counter intercom

Our high-quality counter intercoms enable natural and uninterrupted conversation wherever structural measures exist to provide protection and security, but also create acoustic barriers between people. Our flexible communication solutions are quick to set up and enable two-way communication in crystal-clear voice quality with, for example, registration counters, intensive or isolation wards, porter workstations, cash registers, and security or modular cleanroom locks.


  • High, uninterrupted voice quality 
  • Free and two-way communication 
  • Volume increase (boost)
  • Induction loop for hearing-impaired persons 
  • Call (bell) 
  • Door opener 
  • Variable composition

Provilo di reindirzzamento vocale

Questo reindirizzamento vocale consente la comunicazione senza un sistema interfonico per mezzo di un profilo vocale appositamente progettato. Il reindirizzamento vocale consente agli utenti di entrambe le parti di capirsi in modo ottimale senza sistemi elettronici. 

Glass inserts / polycarbonate screens

Our counter glazing is usually made of polycarbonate, which is far superior to conventional bullet-proof glass. The low material thickness allows for a more delicate construction and can thus be optimally integrated into the architecture. 
Equal importance is given to the resistance class construction and the required counter. Combinations with fire protection are also possible. 

Other counter components

Depending on your needs, further components can be integrated into the counter system:

  • Transmission systems for documents and materials 
  • Security screens
  • Furniture
  • Security doors 
  • Access locks

Complete counter system elements

We also offer ready-to-install counter elements. Ask us about our standard modules. Among other things, the systems can be installed in an existing wall as frame solutions without requiring major work. The elements include:

  • Glass with frame
  • Openings for transmission
  • Intercom system
  • Material locks (if required)

Material transfer systems for security boxes

Sicherheitsschalter Gemeindeverwaltung
Security counter at a municipal administration

Different sectors

The protection of employees is necessary in a wide variety of industries. With a counter system or a security lodge, threat situations can be massively reduced in the following areas:

  • Banks
  • Data centres
  • Power plants
  • Emergency rooms, pharmacies
  • Army
  • Police
  • Prisons
  • Psychiatry
  • Public administrations
  • etc.

Kassenbüro bei einem Grossverteiler
Cash office at a wholesale distributor

Sicherheitsloge in einem Rechenzentrum
Security lodge in a data centre

Schusssichere Durchgabeschublade
Bulletproof transfer drawer

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