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Mechanical safe deposit box lockers

The mechanical safe deposit box system offers your customers a large selection of bank safe deposit boxes of different sizes, which you can rent out as a service.


Your customer enters a vault and has access to his safe deposit box with his key. This is released by a member of staff (key or remote release).

Depending on the concept, the customer can legitimise himself at an access terminal and release his lockers. Additional security is possible through a 4-eye access or biometric authentication.


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Execution options

Depending on the desired number of safe deposit boxes and sizes, a representative customer safe deposit box system is individually designed and implemented. Thanks to modular blocks, almost anything is possible.


  • Double-bit locks
  • Mechanical safe locks with customer key
  • Electronic safe deposit locks (remote release or self-authorisation)

Self-service terminal

The self-service terminal allows bank customers to authenticate themselves for their safe deposit boxes during opening hours. Verification takes place at the terminal through the use of a safe card and entering the personal PIN code. Subsequently, the system opens the bank lock for the respective safe deposit boxes, and the customer can open their safe box using their specialized key.

The advantages of this semi-automated system are as follows:

  • Elimination of waiting time for customers during registration at the counter.
  • Reduction of personnel expenses.
  • Highly discreet access possible.
  • Possibility to control preceding daily doors or elevators.



Do you have an existing rental deposit box system and problems with the old controls? We can convert any safe deposit box system and bring it back up to the state of the art with a new control system. We can integrate any electronic lock into our locker control system.


We usually use element vaults. These are individually planned and adapted according to the space available in the building.

We supply element vaults with safe doors, certified according to VDS, in the following classes:

  • WG V
  • WG IX
  • WG X
  • WG X KB

Solid concrete vaults are rarely built from scratch. However, existing vaults can of course be converted. The installation of a 24-hour safe deposit box system is therefore possible in existing vaults, provided that the structural situation allows it.


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