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Automated safe deposit lockers

The automatic bank safe deposit boxes offer your customers round-the-clock access to the safe deposit box. Thanks to their modular design, the automatic safe deposit box system fits in almost any location.


All safe deposit boxes are located in a kind of high-bay storage within a safe vault. Thanks to the modular design, the system is individually adapted to your space conditions and there is a very high degree of flexibility - even in the case of a later expansion.

Your customer has access to his safe deposit box around the clock. The pick-up is available in the 24-hour zone in a separate room. Through a customer card and access code the customer verifies himself at a user-friendly control panel.

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Ground floor unit with front or side output

Execution options

  • Ground floor unit with front or side output
  • Basement system with straight or sloped output tower
  • Multi-storey system with one or more outputs
  • Multiple safe systems with multiple outputs

The entire system is tested and certified as a unit/overall system by VdS.

Multi-storey system

Special design with sloping output tower

Multiple safe systems with several outputs

Compartments and cassettes

The metal cassettes with cylinder locks mounted on rollers offer several division options and sizes. The division can be adjusted at any time. The smallest cassette corresponds to one unit and is 50 mm high, 245 mm wide and 355 mm deep.

Compartment sizes:

  • Compartment S: 50 mm high (1 unit)
  • Compartment M: 110 mm high (2 units)
  • Compartment L: 170 mm high (3 units)
  • Compartment XL: 230 mm high (4 units)

Modular storage system

Thanks to the modular structure, up to four rows of blocks can be operated in one system. Thus the bank locker system is very compact and expandable.

Mechanical Engineering - Industry Standard

The application of industrial standards in mechanical engineering provides a variety of benefits:

  • Increased safety and reliability.
  • Higher quality standards and increased durability.
  • Improved efficiency and reduced maintenance costs.
  • Greater flexibility for adjusting the size of the facility.


Design customer area

The booth with the pick-up desk is the face of the system. The space is designed barrier-free (provided that the space permits this) according to your wishes. The customer cabin is clearly arranged, without concealed angles and without moving objects.

Dispensing table

The dispensing table is supplied with an MDF lacquered tabletop as standard. We are happy to take your wishes into account in the design of the dispensing table and in the choice of materials.

The customer operates the system via a user-guided touch screen.


Possible with a chip card (Safecard) or with the existing bank card (Debitcard). The safe is already provided after successful verification in order to reduce waiting times to an absolute minimum.

Door customer cabin

Will be executed according to your concept on site or by us. From the single-wing access door to the automatic sliding door, everything can be realised. For more security for the customer a screen is installed inside the cabin which displays the 24-hour zone outside. Glass doors are available in frosted versions or Privalite glass (active privacy protection).

Türe Kundenkabine


Ease of use and a high level of security are the hallmarks of our software. Thanks to the combination with encrypted access media and constant (security) updates throughout the entire product cycle, operational security is guaranteed at all times. We can proudly say that our devices have never been exposed to a successful attack by third parties (e.g. skimming or sabotage).

The user guidance on the touch screen is very simple, which your customers will certainly appreciate.

Integrations in various banking software are possible. We are happy to work with you to find the best solution for your project.

Existing cerfiticates:

  • FI Finanz Informatik
  • Fiducia Certification


Here we usually use modular element vaults. These are individually planned and adapted according to the space available in the building.

The complete solution is certified according to VDS. The
Valiomat is available in the following resistance classes:

  • WG V
  • WG IX
  • WG X
  • WG X KB
  • WG XI KB

Solid concrete vaults are rarely built from scratch. However, existing vaults can of course be converted. The installation of a 24-hour safe deposit box system is therefore possible in existing vaults, provided that the structural situation allows it.

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