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Single-door airlocks

Controlled access for an authorised person with maximum security and minimum installation depth. With a door width of 1.1 m, this personal lock offers you the highest level of comfort in the smallest of spaces.

Personnel lock with only one door

This type of airlock is ideal for very tight spaces. An open cabin prevents direct entry. Only with appropriate verification the separation door closes again and clears the way for entry into the safe zone.


  • Person is never trapped between two doors (claustrophobia)
  • Separation via cabin and sensors
  • Escape route opening in direction of escape
  • Large transport opening for threshold-free transport
  • No large swinging ranges of the doors

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Access control

Depending on the access control system selected, a simple order function up to strict separation of persons can be ensured.

  • Badge (RFID)
  • Code
  • Biometrics
  • Combination of several different systems


Functional principle

Entering the safe zone

  • Verification ID1 (badge, code and/or biometrics)
  • Separation door opens



  • Entry into singling niche
  • The cabin can be exited to the outside at any time before separation (advantage for people with claustrophobia)
  • Separation and verification ID2 (badge, code and/or biometrics)



  • Isolation door closes
  • Passage into the safe zone


Exit from safe zone

  • Person enters singling niche
  • The cabin can be exited to the inside at any time before exiting (advantage for people with claustrophobia)


Withdrawal confirmation

  • Verification or confirmation of exit by push button
  • Lock on singling door opens


Exit from mantrap

  • Passage into the safe zone
  • Separation door closes automatically



More functions

  • Escape route according to SN EN 179
  • Thresholdless transport opening
  • Burglary protection RC2 - RC4
  • Fire protection EI30-EI90
  • Bombardment FB4 - FB7

Special designs / parking lock

There are situations in which the escape route into the safe zone must be guaranteed, e.g. from a parking garage into the stairwell. In this case, the parking lock can ensure access via an order function or a separation. In an emergency, however, the interlock must be opened (under alarm) in the direction of escape and thus complies with the currently valid standards.

  • Escape route according to SN EN 179 (to the safe zone)
  • Fire protection EI30-EI90

Parking lock

Staff entrance
Staff entrance - MS SESA 3000

MS Parking lock
MS Parking lock

Parking gate with suitcase transfer
Parking gate with suitcase transfer

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