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Smart people counting

SMARTcount system for high-precision person counting using artificial intelligence 


The intelligent camera system for counting people with a high degree of precision. Unlike simple systems for counting people such as turnstiles or rotary locks, SMARTcount evaluates several people simultaneously in a fraction of a second. Through its self-learning algorithm, the system detects and differentiates between people and objects. Due to its compactness, SMARTcount is also quick and easy to install.

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Group separation – controlled entry

The people counting system allows the controlled entry of several people at the same time. Inside the airlock, a sensor counts the people, who then identify themselves accordingly. After successful verification, the inner lock door opens and the persons can pass through in a controlled manner.

Your benefits with SMARTcount people counting system:

  • Very high pass frequency 
  • High-precision detection of people and objects
  • Simultaneous group separation in the shortest possible time
  • User friendly & process-reliable
  • Minimal installation measures and integration of existing components
  • Wheelchair accessible
  • Material transport
  • Escape route via lock possible

Comprehensive separation: material transport and wheelchair accessibility

The SMARTcount lock also allows you to transport pallets, boxes or other large items without interfering with the system. The video analysis and fast processors make it possible to detect and separate wheelchairs and walking aids. In this way, the SMARTcount system guarantees you a complete, precise separation, even for large objects.

Signaling – user-friendly operation and controlled separation process

The people counting system guides authorized users through the entire separation process via a display. LED light signals accompany the users easily and in a controlled manner through the people counting system.
The doors can also be conveniently operated from the inside during the people counting process via a touch panel in order to admit additional persons.

No restriction due to premises

SMART Count adapts to your building and can be installed quickly, regardless of the height or length of the intended room. Additional exterior doors or locks can also be installed. 

Save space by counting people in the elevator 

In small spaces, you can install SMART Count directly into your elevator, which serves as a lock, eliminating the need for an additional lock.

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