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Cabinet airlocks

Controlled access for an authorised person with the highest security requirements. Thanks to its modular design, we can adapt the personnel interlock to any requirement.

MS SENSO Modular

This is a classic cabin airlock, but with an enormous number of options. Depending on the configuration, a resistance class up to RC4, bullet protection up to FB7 and fire protection up to EI90 is offered. Even in emergency situations, an escape route is ensured in accordance with applicable standards.

The cabin airlock can also be used as a goods or combination airlock. You can find more information on this at our special airlocks.

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Access control

Depending on the access control system selected, a simple order function up to strict separation of persons can be ensured.

  • Badge (RFID)
  • Code
  • Biometrics
  • Combination of several different systems


Depending on the size of the lock cabin, different separation systems are used. These ensure that only one authorised person can pass through the lock at a time.

  • Sensor technology for people separation
  • No contact mats on the floor that are susceptible to interference
  • Separation without weight control
  • Mounting on finished floor, as no electronics are installed in the floor.



MS SENSO Modular

Modular structure

The cabin is individually adapted to your situation. Depending on the safety requirements, different door fronts are used.

  • Single-leaf doors (up to RC4/FB/EI90)
  • Double-leaf doors (up to RC2/EI30)
  • Door-in-door system (escape door opening in escape direction)
  • Double swing doors (escape door opening in escape direction)
  • Folding doors
  • Sliding doors

Single-leaf door

door-in-door system

Double-leaf doors

swing doors

Folding doors

folding doors with Brake Out System


User guidance

By means of LED displays / buttons or screen displays, the user is optimally guided during passage. Thanks to the visual displays, it is also possible for untrained personnel to pass through the interlock without any problems. This is very helpful, especially in corporate security, when not just a small number of people are authorised to use the lock.

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