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Electronic lockers

The safe deposit or transfer of goods. Thanks to the web-based electronic compartment system this is possible 24 hours a day without staff.

Deposit and transfer of larger objects

Any objects can be locked away in these electronic lockers. The locker system is modular and can be adapted to your requirements in terms of size and number of lockers. The compartments are secured with a lock cylinder or an electronic key lock. Furthermore, the compartments can optionally be operated with a compartment control using a code, badge and/or biometrics.

This gives your customers or employees the opportunity to store items safely.

Customers and potential users:

  • Data centres
  • Police/Fire brigade
  • Companies/Businesses
  • Garage businesses
  • Hospitals
  • Spa houses/Hotels
  • Department stores/Wholesale distributors
  • Administrations/Schools

The application possibilities are very diverse. We are happy to work out the best solution for your needs.

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Depot- und Schliessfachanlagen

Schliessfächer mit Schlüssel


Schliessfächer mit elektronischem Schloss

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