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Reception counter

A reception counter, bullet-resistant or burglar-resistant. We design and manufacture counter systems for every area.

Discreet but still safe

In addition to design and functionality, burglary protection and bullet resistance are important requirements for a recption counter in public and representative buildings.

  • Counter systems
  • Transfer counter, transfer airlock
  • Transfer drawer
  • EDK, payment tray
  • Separate counter

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Sicherheitsschalter Gemeindeverwaltung
Security counter at a municipal administration

Different sectors

The protection of employees is necessary in a wide variety of industries. With a counter system or a security lodge, threat situations can be massively reduced in the following areas:

  • Banks
  • Data centres
  • Power plants
  • Emergency rooms, pharmacies
  • Army
  • Police
  • Prisons
  • Psychiatry
  • Public administrations
  • etc.

Kassenbüro bei einem Grossverteiler
Cash office at a wholesale distributor

Sicherheitsloge in einem Rechenzentrum
Security lodge in a data centre

Schusssichere Durchgabeschublade
Bulletproof transfer drawer

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