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Fireproof safes

Protect data carriers, documents, cash and other valuables not only from theft, but also from fire and heat. The contents to be protected define the required fire protection.

Fire protection = heat protection

Fire safes are multi-walled and special fillings and sealing systems protect the safe contents from fire.

If the contents of the safe heat up too much, they will be destroyed (documents, paper, electronic data carriers). Since hard disks, CDs, USB sticks and paper documents react differently to heat, the contents define the required fire/heat protection.

The following fire safety classes, according to EN 1047-1, are defined for the different media:

  • S 60 P: Fire protection for paper for 60 minutes
  • S 120 P: Fire protection for paper for 120 minutes
  • S 60 DIS: Fire protection for electronic data carriers for 60 minutes
  • S 120 DIS: Fire protection for electronic data carriers for 120 minutes

For the specified period of time, the safe will withstand a fire and protect the contents from heat and extinguishing water.

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Fire protection ≠ Burglary protection

Fire protection cabinets do not automatically provide protection against break-in. A corresponding combination with a resistance class up to EN grade II is possible and thus the contents are additionally protected against a suspected break-in according to the selected resistance class.

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